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United Nations Sustainable Goals - US City Collaborative Google Map Project

Today you will begin working on a US CITY COLLABORATIVE GOOGLE MAP PROJECT.  This project will allow each one of you to research an assigned city, review the UN Global Sustainable Goals (UNGSG), and find out about how people, organizations, and groups are banding together to help everyone reach these goals throughout the United States of America.  Please follow the directions below to identify the city you have been assigned, creatve a Google Document that outlines how each of the UNGSG's are being worked on in that city, and where people can find out more information about these issues.  You will SHARE the active link for your document so it can be added to an interactive Google Map.  To complete the project, you must write a 2-3 paragraph essay on specific things you learned, and how you feel about our progress toward these goals.

Step 1:  Read the description of the UN Global Sustainable Goals Below:
On 1 January 2016, the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development — adopted by world leaders in September 2015 at an historic UN Summit — officially came into force.  Over the next fifteen years, with these new Goals that universally apply to all, countries will mobilize efforts to end all forms of poverty, fight inequalities and tackle climate change, while ensuring that no one is left behind.
The SDGs, also known as Global Goals, build on the success of the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) and aim to go further to end all forms of poverty. The new Goals are unique in that they call for action by all countries, poor, rich and middle-income to promote prosperity while protecting the planet. They recognize that ending poverty must go hand-in-hand with strategies that build economic growth and addresses a range of social needs including education, health, social protection, and job opportunities, while tackling climate change and environmental protection.
While the SDGs are not legally binding, governments are expected to take ownership and establish national frameworks for the achievement of the 17 Goals.  Countries have the primary responsibility for follow-up and review of the progress made in implementing the Goals, which will require quality, accessible and timely data collection. Regional follow-up and review will be based on national-level analyses and contribute to follow-up and review at the global level.

Step 2:  Create a Google Document to start outlining each goal for the city you have been assigned:

Here is the link to the City Assignments: 

Project Worksheet Link:

Project Sample (MR. S: Philadelphia, PA):

Step 3.  Make An Entry On Your Google Document (See Example) For Each Goal

Step 4:  Research an Example of a person, group, or organization working on each goal in the city you were assigned.  Make sure to include all information required for each entry.

Step 5.  Complete your research, and make sure you have included all information for each goal on your document.

Step 6.  Add a 2-3 paragraph explanation of "What You Learned" at the bottom of your document.  Make sure to add your favorite, or most interesting goal and what you found!

Step 7: Include a City WEB Map using DRAW.IO on your document (See Details Below)

Step 8:  SHARE the active link to your document with Mr. S ( for credit.

Good Luck!

-Mr. S

City Web Map DRAW.IO Requirements: You will create a web for a city in the United States. You will be responsible for creating an identical web to the one described. Please include the following data:

City Facts: Year Founded, Longitude, Latitude, Population, Area, Time Zone, and Mayor's Name.

Extension Blocks: Major industries, professional sports teams, colleges, historical places, museums, and weather information. Weather can be annual precipitation and average temperatures.

You can use all of my formatting, or create your own diagrams. You must include the same headings and topics. You must also use different colors for each section. You must also include a box at the bottom of the page with a list of all the resources you used to find your information. This is not an official bibliography, but it must be accurate when checked by me.

When you have completed your Google Document, you must SHARE it with Mr. Scribner ( for credit.  You must also go to the padlet listed below, use the appropriate password, and create a posting for your project for everyone to review.  Make sure you include a picture of the skyline of your assigned city (you should be able to find it on Google Images).

p/w:  ccs515352

You will have the rest of this week to finish this project.  I will use the link you provide to create a Google Map of all of the cities for people to find.  We will also be submitting this project as a resource to the United Nations Global Sustainable Goals education website.  Thank you for helping us be a small part of this important mission!

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Integrity (13 Characteristics)

13 Characteristics of People Who Have Integrity

1. They Value Other People's Time: They value their own time so they also value the time of other people. They know you have plenty of other places you need to be and won’t hold you up. If you spend time with them, it is likely they will thank you for that as well.

2. They Give Credit Where It Is Due: They do not take credit for things they did not do. They will always credit those who deserve it. If you help this person with a project he or she will likely mention your name so you can take credit for your work.

3. They Are Authentic: They are their truest forms. You won’t catch them in a lie or being fake.

4. They Are Always Honest: They are honest people that feel no need to lie as it is important for them to get to where they need to get in life honestly.

5. They Never Take Advantage Of Others: They are not the kind of people who will take advantage of someone else. They love to build people up and help them get where they need to be. Taking too much from someone else will never be an issue with someone who has a lot of integrity.

6. The Do Not Argue Over Disagreements: They will talk through things in a civil manner or not talk at all. You cannot and will not force this person into arguing over something completely ridiculous. I find this to be a very respectable trait.

7. They Give Most People The Benefit Of The Doubt: They try to see the good in everyone. I think this is because they feel like maybe there are more people in this world that also have integrity. That being said, if you take advantage of them too much they will get rid of you.

8. They Know When Something Is Bothering Someone: They have a great intuition that lets them know when something is going on. If someone is down in the dumps they will notice. Chances are they will actually do what they can to cheer you up.

9. They Believe In Others: They accept your word as truth until it is dis-proven. That being said, they do not take lying well. And once you lie to them, it is unlikely that they will ever take your word again.

10. They Apologize First: If they have done something wrong they will come to you and apologize. This is just how they are. They own up to their mistake and try to make things right.

11. They Are Humble: They do not quite know their own worth. While they are very important and do so much good they don’t quite see it. You should remind them of it.

12. They Do Good When They Can: They are always helping other people. They love to know that they have improved someone’s life. It gives their lives meaning.

13. They Are Always Kind To Those Who Need It: Giving kindness can go a long way. When someone looks like they need a little pick me up these people deliver. They can brighten up almost anyone’s day.

If you are someone who has true integrity, thank you for being who you are and thank you for all that you do. You really do actually make a difference in society, please keep up the good work. If you feel no one else is proud of you, know that I am.

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