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Strikingly PSA Website Project 18-19 S1

Please check out  It is a little hard to understand at first, but your results are going to be fantastic.  If you master this tool, you will be creating stunning, professional-quality sites in no time!  Have Fun With This Project!

Please go to and create a website.  Create an account using your Gmail address and a password you can remember.  On you just click "Create Account" and enter your First Name, Email Address, and a Password you can remember.  You may use photos, Youtube video links, and other items.  Please make sure your website has the following items to receive credit for this project today:


Here is a video to help you with (CLICK HERE)


Here are the steps to create a new WEBSITE:
  1. Log Into Your Google Account
  2. Go to
  3. Sign In with your FIRST NAME, CCS Email Address, and a PASSWORD you can remember.
  4. Select ANY Template you like by moving the cursor over it and CLICK "Start Editing"
  5. Use "View Example" to see what it might look like before choosing the Template. (Then Step 4)
  6. Review the MENU to the Left.

  • PREVIEW: Shows what the site will look like LIVE
  • PUBLISH: Puts The Website LIVE Online (You can still make changes)
  • STYLES: Allows a change to a whole new style or type of site.
  • SETTINGS: Change other settings about your site:
    • Basic Info:  Site Title, Category of Site, Description, Keywords, Language
    • Domains:  You MUST use (any words) unless you pay.
    • Sharing Information: Social Image Share, Favicon, Twitter Card?
    • Mobile Actions: Do Not Worry About These (Must Go PRO) (DO NOT GO PRO! - Costs $)
    • Header & Footer Display Settings

  1. Preview all of the SECTIONS listed on the Site you chose.
  2. Adjust each SECTION to fit with your overall THEME and what you need to get your Message Accross.
  3. Once you have Setup your SECTIONS the way you want,  spend time on each section entering pictures, video, facts and links.
  4. When complete click PUBLISH and then Copy & Paste the link you created into an email to Mr. S for credit.  (
Here is what your "Public Service Announcement" STRIKINGLY Website should include:
  1. Website must be created using
  2. Website must include keywords ccstech and collegiumpsa
  3. Website must have at least one picture and one video (embedded)
  4. Website must have an informational theme
  5. Website must include at least 4-5 sentences of REAL DATA about your topic.  You  must have at least four (4) FACTS and (4) SOURCES listed as a reference.  
  6. Finally, when you are done, please search the class list for at least 5 other websites created by our class and post comments on them.  Be careful to be helpful not hurtful and let your classmates know that you appreciate their efforts!  

In addition to the items above, you must also include the following items on your new website:
  1. Add a video to your website.  You may copy/paste the link from Youtube or Vimeo, but it must be appropriate for school use.  DO NOT POST ANYTHING that might be offensive or inappropriate.
  2. Add a FORM for visitors to send you an email.  
  3. Add a MAP of the address of our school. 
    Have Fun With This!!

    - Mr. S


    Students will use online collaboration tools (STRIKINGLY.COM) to create a single-page webpage. Students will learn to use the online toolbar in to add content to their website, share their website, and publish their website online. Students will comment (positively) on other pages posted online.


    Students will enter the class quietly and LOG IN to Google Accounts. Students will read all directions posted on the class assignment site prior to starting work. Students will choose a Public Service Announcement topic to create a web-page about using Students will be guided through the creation process for a website, and then be given time in class to complete the project. Students must SHARE their projects, once published, by emailing the link to Mr.S. Once complete, Students will then review other sites created by their peers, and leave constructive (positive) comments to each other!

    Thursday, November 8, 2018

    Web Design Introduction

    Today we will start to discuss why you might want to Build a Website!  This will start as a brainstorming session.  

    To start thinking about your future websites, you probably should think of the reasons to create one.  Please review this article as people are entering the class, so we can discuss it when the bell rings:

    Please watch the video below together and discuss what you saw as a class:

    Answer the following questions as a class:

    1. What do you do with the Internet?
    2. What is the benefit to having the Internet?  (School / Home / Business / Doctor, etc.)
    3. Who creates the sites on the Internet, and Why?
    4. Who Controls The Internet?

    Define The Vocabulary:

    WWW - World Wide Web

    Web Browser - What Are They?

    Web Host:

    Domain Name:

    Discuss the main themes and terms from the video!

    We just  learned that a ​ web browser​ is the software application you use to access the web pages and ​ HTML​ (HyperText Markup Language) is the language you use to tell a web browser how to make a web page look.

    Planning For Your Blogger Webpage

    Please Answer The Following Questions Using the R.A.C.E. [(R)epeat The Question, (A)nswer The Questions, (C)ite Your Evidence/Examples, (E)xplain Your Evidence/Examples] Method:

    Who Is Your Target Audience?

    What Content Do You Want To Have On Your Site?

    What other sites are you going to link too?

    What topics will you highlight on your blog?

    Write a final paragraph describing a website you want to create for this class.  You should start thinking about a topic for your site.  It will be similar to the PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT VIDEO you created earlier in this course.


    Questions To Answer:

    What is an Algorithm?  How is an Algorithm used to decide what you see?

    What is a Spider in a SEARCH ENGINE?

    What is a KEYWORD?  How can you add Keywords to your site to increase traffic?

    CCS Tech Lab 352 Calendar

    UN Global Sustainability Goals Project Map

    CCS Hall Pass Form

    What's So Cool About Manufacturing?

    Glenn Casey

    Word Counter For Text

    This free script provided by JavaScript Kit

    Integrity (13 Characteristics)

    13 Characteristics of People Who Have Integrity

    1. They Value Other People's Time: They value their own time so they also value the time of other people. They know you have plenty of other places you need to be and won’t hold you up. If you spend time with them, it is likely they will thank you for that as well.

    2. They Give Credit Where It Is Due: They do not take credit for things they did not do. They will always credit those who deserve it. If you help this person with a project he or she will likely mention your name so you can take credit for your work.

    3. They Are Authentic: They are their truest forms. You won’t catch them in a lie or being fake.

    4. They Are Always Honest: They are honest people that feel no need to lie as it is important for them to get to where they need to get in life honestly.

    5. They Never Take Advantage Of Others: They are not the kind of people who will take advantage of someone else. They love to build people up and help them get where they need to be. Taking too much from someone else will never be an issue with someone who has a lot of integrity.

    6. The Do Not Argue Over Disagreements: They will talk through things in a civil manner or not talk at all. You cannot and will not force this person into arguing over something completely ridiculous. I find this to be a very respectable trait.

    7. They Give Most People The Benefit Of The Doubt: They try to see the good in everyone. I think this is because they feel like maybe there are more people in this world that also have integrity. That being said, if you take advantage of them too much they will get rid of you.

    8. They Know When Something Is Bothering Someone: They have a great intuition that lets them know when something is going on. If someone is down in the dumps they will notice. Chances are they will actually do what they can to cheer you up.

    9. They Believe In Others: They accept your word as truth until it is dis-proven. That being said, they do not take lying well. And once you lie to them, it is unlikely that they will ever take your word again.

    10. They Apologize First: If they have done something wrong they will come to you and apologize. This is just how they are. They own up to their mistake and try to make things right.

    11. They Are Humble: They do not quite know their own worth. While they are very important and do so much good they don’t quite see it. You should remind them of it.

    12. They Do Good When They Can: They are always helping other people. They love to know that they have improved someone’s life. It gives their lives meaning.

    13. They Are Always Kind To Those Who Need It: Giving kindness can go a long way. When someone looks like they need a little pick me up these people deliver. They can brighten up almost anyone’s day.

    If you are someone who has true integrity, thank you for being who you are and thank you for all that you do. You really do actually make a difference in society, please keep up the good work. If you feel no one else is proud of you, know that I am.

    Journal Entries 2012-2013

    1. Introduction (9/10/12 - Weebly Journal)
    2. 9/11 Reflection (9/11/12 - Email Instructor)
    3. Internet Safety (9/19/12 - Weebly Journal)
    4. Violence (9/20/12 - Weebly Journal)
    5. Taylor Mali Conviction (9/25/12 Email Instructor)
    6. 12x12x12 (10/1/12 - Weebly Journal)
    7. Habit #1 Reflection (10-9-12 - Weebly Journal)
    8. Habit #2 Reflection (10-24-12 - Weebly Journal)
    9. Habit #3 Reflection (11-9-12 - Weebly Journal)
    10. Interview a Veteran (11-12-12 - Email Instructor)
    11. Digital Photography Reflection (11-19-12 Weebly)
    12. Habit #4 Reflection (11-27-12 - Weebly Journal)
    13. New Years Resolutions (01-03-12 - Weebly Journal)
    14. Habit #5 Reflection (1-9-13 - Weebly Journal)
    15. College Inquiry Project Reflection (1-14-13 - Weebly)
    16. Habit #6 Reflection (2-6-13 - Weebly)
    17. Habit #7 Reflection (2-11-13 - Weebly)
    18. Indian Talking Stick (Covey) (2-20-13 Weebly)
    19. Historical Figure Reflection (3-4-13 Weebly)
    20. Investing vs Gambling Reflection (4-8-13 Weebly)
    21. Poverty On My Block (4-15-13 Weebly)
    22. Apartment Utility Cost Summary (5-13-13 Weebly)
    23. Memorial Day Reflection (5-24-13 Weebly)

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